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Created Oct 28, 2018
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Gnuplot altitude/temperature graph
set terminal png font './LiberationSans-Regular.ttf' 15 size 1600,900
set grid
set xlabel ''
set format x ''
set ylabel 'Altitude, m' tc lt 1
set ytics 1000 nomirror tc lt 1
set y2label 'Temperature, °C' tc lt 2
set y2tics 10 nomirror tc lt 2
set datafile separator ','
feet_to_meters(x) = x * 0.3048
set output 'temperature.png'
plot 'data.csv' using (feet_to_meters($1)) with lines lw 2 axes x1y1 notitle, \
'data.csv' using 3 with lines lw 2 axes x1y2 notitle
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