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Last active February 10, 2020 08:11
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Jongchul Oh, Software Developer / /

Tech Specility

  • Web Developer with 8 years(2012 ~ now)
  • Language - php(with framework), javascript(jquery)
  • SQL - Aurora, mysql(mariab), postgresql
  • NoSQL - dynamodb, elasticsearch
  • Dev Env - Ubuntu, OS X, VIM

Work Experiences

Togetherapps(2019.3 ~ now)

  • Developed and operated and other services.
  • No Documents, no issue tracking systems, no local development environments. I set a jira and a confluence, teaching how to use it.
  • Suggested changing logic to a partner bank and changed internal API design. Work that takes more than 4 seconds was reduced to 0.1 seconds.
  • It has improved so that various departments can automatically execute and verify settlement work that used to be worked through the night. The work, which used to take up to 28 hours, was completed in four hours.
  • Website Renewal.

Saint Security(2015.11 ~ 2019.2)

  • Developed and operated services.
  • Developed a website for malicious code analysis system.
  • The problem with the service was solved via docker. And I held an in-house seminar, presented the cause of the problem and the process of solving it through the docker.
  • Attended an AWS re:invent 2018 event and shared what i felt at an in-house seminar. As i Prepared for the presentation, I discovered SPoF(Single Point of Fail) as a picture of the service, and proposed a design to improve services.

Start up one man publishing company(2012.4-2015.10)

  • Builded ebook generating system based on wordpress.
  • Outsourced generating ebook from another publisher.
  • Planned books. A book I've planned has been on display for a month on the main page of the Google Play Store.


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