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Battery about to die

Okke Timm okket

Battery about to die
  • Pale Blue Dot, Europe, Germany
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My resignation from freenode staff
I joined the freenode staff in March 2019 [1].
Before I joined the staff, Freenode Ltd was sold [2] to a person named
Andrew Lee as part of a sponsorship deal. The informal terms of that
akihikodaki /
Last active Jun 22, 2021
Linux Desktop on Apple Silicon/M1 in Practice

Linux Desktop on Apple Silicon/M1 in Practice

I bought M1 MacBook Air. It is the fastest computer I have, and I have been a GNOME/GNU/Linux user for long time. It is obvious conclusion that I need practical Linux desktop environment on Apple Silicon/M1.

Fortunately, Linux already works on Apple Silicon/M1. But how practical is it?

m-radzikowski /
Last active Jun 20, 2021
Minimal safe Bash script template - see the article with full description:
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -Eeuo pipefail
script_dir=$(cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")" &>/dev/null && pwd -P)
usage() {
cat <<EOF
Usage: $(basename "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}") [-h] [-v] [-f] -p param_value arg1 [arg2...]
satmandu / zfs_build
Last active Jan 9, 2021
Compiles zfs 2.0.1 for ubuntu & debian systems (tested on x86_64 [groovy] and arm64 [raspi_os]). Not tested with zsys. . In a new folder do this to make zfs debs: curl -OLf && chmod +x zfs_build && ./zfs_build
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#!/bin/bash -x
main () {
export CC="ccache gcc-${VER}"
export CXX="ccache g++-${VER}"
export SHLIB_CXXLD="g++-${VER}"
#FC="ccache gfortran"
#F77="ccache gfortran"
zfs_work="$(pwd)/$(uname -m)"
mkdir -p "${zfs_work}"
wesbos / download-shows.ts
Created Nov 11, 2020
deno syntax episode downloader
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// deno run --allow-net --allow-write download-shows.ts
import { download } from "";
const showList = '';
async function getShowList(): Promise<Show[]> {
const list = await (await fetch(showList)).json();
return list;
geerlingguy /
Last active May 10, 2021
Increase the BAR memory address space for PCIe devices on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
# The default BAR address space available on the CM4 may be too small to allow
# some devices to initialize correctly. To avoid 'failed to assign memory'
# errors on boot, you can increase the range of the PCIe bus in the Raspberry
# Pi's Device Tree (a .dtb file specific to each Pi model).
# You should probably read up on Device Trees if you don't know what they are:
geerlingguy /
Last active May 2, 2021
Set up the Nvidia GeForce GT 710 on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
# Attempt to set up the Nvidia GeForce GT 710 on a Pi CM4.
# I have tried both armv7l and aarch64 versions of the proprietary driver, in
# addition to the nouveau open source driver (which needs to be compiled into
# a custom Raspberry Pi kernel).
# tl;dr - None of the drivers worked :P
nileshtrivedi /
Last active May 31, 2021
Home Server setup: Raspberry PI on Internet via reverse SSH tunnel

Raspberry Pi on Internet via reverse SSH tunnel

HackerNews discussed this with many alternative solutions:

I already have my own domain name: I wanted to be able to run some webapps on my Raspberry Pi 4B running perpetually at home in headless mode (just needs 5W power and wireless internet). I wanted to be able to access these apps from public Internet. Dynamic DNS wasn't an option because my ISP blocks all incoming traffic. ngrok would work but the free plan is too restrictive.

I bought a cheap 2GB RAM, 20GB disk VM + a 25GB volume on Hetzner for about 4 EUR/month. Hetzner gave me a static IP for it. I haven't purchased a floating IP yet.