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Warps around Express middleware to ensure compatibility with Rill
'use strict';
* Wraps the Express middlweares handlers to work with the Rill framework
* It ensures all Express HTTP verbs work and also routes call their
* middlewares with the interface (req, res, next) instead of (ctx, next)
* which is native to Rill.
* @param _app
const routeTransformer = (_app) => {
const HTTP_VERBS = [
const RILL_VERBS = [
]; => {
let _v = `_${v}_`;
// Cache away the original function of the method,
// to be called later on.
// If the method is not native to Rill, we assign it to Rill's
if (RILL_VERBS.indexOf(v) > -1) {
_app[_v] = _app[v];
} else {
_app[_v] =;
// Reassign the method to this transformed method
// app.get(fn)
// app.get(path, fn)
// app.get(path, [middleware,] fn)
_app[v] = (...args) => {
let _args = ([...args]).reduce((acc, cur) => acc.concat(cur), []); //flatten array of args
let handlers;
let pathname = null;
if (typeof _args[0] === 'string') {
// If the first argument is a string, then this is the path for the route
pathname = _args.shift();
handlers = _args; => {
let mArgs = [];
if (pathname) {
// Create a handlers that uses Rill handler format.
// This would be passed into Eill instead of the original Express handlers.
// However it would call the original Express handlers with the appropriate arguments it supports
let fxn = (ctx, next) => {
let nxt = (err) => {
if (err) {
return next(...arguments);
return handler(ctx.req, ctx.res, nxt);
// Call the cached method on each middleware (route handler)
// with the modified arguments (req, res, next)
try {
return _app[_v](...mArgs);
} catch (e) {
console.error('Exception while calling handler for', pathname, e);
return _app;
export default routeTransformer;
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