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Make linting great again! -- ReactiveConf 2017 ⚡️talk proposal

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Make linting great again!

tabs vs spaces

No other topic in software development probably has so much controversy as linting.

With a wrong workflow linting can be really a pain and will slow you and your team down. With a proper setup, though, it can save you hours of manual work reformatting the code and reducing the code-review overhead.

This talk is a quick introduction into how 🚫💩 lint-staged — a node.js library I created and maintain — can improve developer experience in historically pita field — linting.

Coupled with tools that analyze and improve the code like ESLint, Stylelint, Prettier and Jest, you'll witness how much difference can a small tool like this make.


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@SaraVieira SaraVieira commented Jul 19, 2017

I have seen this talk live and it was amazing!

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