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okuoku/wrk.scm Secret

Created May 20, 2018 15:16
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(define (yuni/gensym bogus) (gensym))
(define (yuni/identifier? x) (symbol? x))
(define (yuni/identifier->symbol x) x)
(define (yuni/any1 pred l)
(and (pair? l)
(pred (car l))
(yuni/any1 pred (cdr l))))
(define (yuni/find1 pred l)
(if (pair? l)
(let ((a (car l)))
(if (pred a)
(yuni/find1 pred (cdr l))))
;; Took from chibi-scheme 22f87f67ab24d42fe0872cb5ceea6ecafe8933ad
;; init-7.scm -- core library procedures for R7RS
;; Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Alex Shinn. All rights reserved.
;; BSD-style license:
;; syntax-rules
;; YUNI: Added 4th argument `baselib` to non-rename injector
;; `rename` can be a `gensym` procedure
(define (yuni/syntax-rules-transformer expr rename baselib compare)
(let ((ellipsis-specified? (yuni/identifier? (cadr expr)))
(count 0)
(_er-macro-transformer (baselib 'yuni/er-macro-transformer4))
(_lambda (baselib 'lambda)) (_let (baselib 'let))
(_begin (baselib 'begin)) (_if (baselib 'if))
(_and (baselib 'and)) (_or (baselib 'or))
(_eq? (baselib 'eq?)) (_equal? (baselib 'equal?))
(_car (baselib 'car)) (_cdr (baselib 'cdr))
(_cons (baselib 'cons)) (_pair? (baselib 'pair?))
(_null? (baselib 'null?)) (_expr (rename 'expr))
(_rename (rename 'rename)) (_compare (rename 'compare))
;; YUNI: _quote can be a quote for us ... perhaps
(_quote (baselib 'quote)) (_apply (baselib 'apply))
(_append (baselib 'append)) (_map (baselib 'map))
(_vector? (baselib 'vector?)) (_list? (baselib 'list?))
(_len (rename 'len)) (_length (baselib 'yuni/length*))
(_- (rename '-)) (_>= (baselib '>=)) (_error (baselib 'error))
(_ls (rename 'ls)) (_res (rename 'res)) (_i (rename 'i))
(_reverse (baselib 'reverse))
(_vector->list (baselib 'vector->list))
(_list->vector (baselib 'list->vector))
(_cons3 (baselib 'yuni/cons-source))
(_underscore (baselib '_))
;; YUNI: Additional procedures
(_baselib (rename 'baselib))
(identifier? yuni/identifier?) (length* yuni/length*)
(identifier->symbol yuni/identifier->symbol)
(find yuni/find1) (any yuni/any1)
(%number->string number->string))
(define ellipsis (if ellipsis-specified? (cadr expr) (baselib '...)))
(define lits (if ellipsis-specified? (car (cddr expr)) (cadr expr)))
(define forms (if ellipsis-specified? (cdr (cddr expr)) (cddr expr)))
(define (next-symbol s)
(set! count (+ count 1))
(rename (string->symbol (string-append s (%number->string count)))))
(define (expand-pattern pat tmpl)
(let lp ((p (cdr pat))
(x (list _cdr _expr))
(dim 0)
(vars '())
(k (lambda (vars)
(list _cons (expand-template tmpl vars) #f))))
(let ((v (next-symbol "v.")))
_let (list (list v x))
((identifier? p)
((ellipsis-mark? p)
(error "bad ellipsis" p))
((memq p lits)
(list _and
;; FIXME: _rename => _baselib
(list _compare v (list _baselib (list _quote p)))
(k vars)))
((compare p _underscore)
(k vars))
(list _let (list (list p v)) (k (cons (cons p dim) vars))))))
((ellipsis? p)
((not (null? (cdr (cdr p))))
((any (lambda (x) (and (identifier? x) (ellipsis-mark? x)))
(cddr p))
(error "multiple ellipses" p))
(let ((len (length* (cdr (cdr p))))
(_lp (next-symbol "lp.")))
`(,_let ((,_len (,_length ,v)))
(,_and (,_>= ,_len ,len)
(,_let ,_lp ((,_ls ,v)
(,_i (,_- ,_len ,len))
(,_res (,_quote ())))
(,_if (,_>= 0 ,_i)
,(lp `(,(cddr p)
(,(car p) ,(car (cdr p))))
`(,_cons ,_ls
(,_cons (,_reverse ,_res)
(,_quote ())))
(,_lp (,_cdr ,_ls)
(,_- ,_i 1)
(,_cons3 (,_car ,_ls)
((identifier? (car p))
(list _and (list _list? v)
(list _let (list (list (car p) v))
(k (cons (cons (car p) (+ 1 dim)) vars)))))
(let* ((w (next-symbol "w."))
(_lp (next-symbol "lp."))
(new-vars (all-vars (car p) (+ dim 1)))
(ls-vars (map (lambda (x)
(identifier->symbol (car x)))
(lp (car p) (list _car w) (+ dim 1) '()
(lambda (_)
(list _cdr w)
(map (lambda (x l)
(list _cons (car x) l))
_lp (cons (list w v)
(map (lambda (x) (list x (list _quote '()))) ls-vars))
(list _if (list _null? w)
(list _let (map (lambda (x l)
(list (car x) (list _reverse l)))
(k (append new-vars vars)))
(list _and (list _pair? w) once)))))))
((pair? p)
(list _and (list _pair? v)
(lp (car p)
(list _car v)
(lambda (vars)
(lp (cdr p) (list _cdr v) dim vars k)))))
((vector? p)
(list _and
(list _vector? v)
(lp (vector->list p) (list _vector->list v) dim vars k)))
((null? p) (list _and (list _null? v) (k vars)))
(else (list _and (list _equal? v p) (k vars))))))))
(define ellipsis-mark?
(if (if ellipsis-specified?
(memq ellipsis lits)
(any (lambda (x) (compare ellipsis x)) lits))
(lambda (x) #f)
(if ellipsis-specified?
(lambda (x) (eq? ellipsis x))
(lambda (x) (compare ellipsis x)))))
(define (ellipsis-escape? x) (and (pair? x) (ellipsis-mark? (car x))))
(define (ellipsis? x)
(and (pair? x) (pair? (cdr x)) (ellipsis-mark? (cadr x))))
(define (ellipsis-depth x)
(if (ellipsis? x)
(+ 1 (ellipsis-depth (cdr x)))
(define (ellipsis-tail x)
(if (ellipsis? x)
(ellipsis-tail (cdr x))
(cdr x)))
(define (all-vars x dim)
(let lp ((x x) (dim dim) (vars '()))
(cond ((identifier? x)
(if (or (memq x lits)
(compare x _underscore))
(cons (cons x dim) vars)))
((ellipsis? x) (lp (car x) (+ dim 1) (lp (cddr x) dim vars)))
((pair? x) (lp (car x) dim (lp (cdr x) dim vars)))
((vector? x) (lp (vector->list x) dim vars))
(else vars))))
(define (free-vars x vars dim)
(let lp ((x x) (free '()))
((identifier? x)
(if (and (not (memq x free))
;(cond ((assq x vars) => (lambda (cell) (>= (cdr cell) dim)))
; (else #f))
(let ((cell (assq x vars)))
(and cell
(>= (cdr cell) dim))))
(cons x free)
((pair? x) (lp (car x) (lp (cdr x) free)))
((vector? x) (lp (vector->list x) free))
(else free))))
(define (expand-template tmpl vars)
(let lp ((t tmpl) (dim 0))
((identifier? t)
; ((find (lambda (v) (eq? t (car v))) vars)
; => (lambda (cell)
; (if (<= (cdr cell) dim)
; t
; (error "too few ...'s"))))
; (else
; (list _baselib (list _quote t))))
(let ((cell (find (lambda (v) (eq? t (car v))) vars)))
(if cell
(if (<= (cdr cell) dim)
(error "two few ...'s"))
(list _baselib (list _quote t)))))
((pair? t)
((ellipsis-escape? t)
(list _quote
(if (pair? (cdr t))
(if (pair? (cddr t)) (cddr t) (cadr t))
(cdr t))))
((ellipsis? t)
(let* ((depth (ellipsis-depth t))
(ell-dim (+ dim depth))
(ell-vars (free-vars (car t) vars ell-dim)))
((null? ell-vars)
(error "too many ...'s"))
((and (null? (cdr (cdr t))) (identifier? (car t)))
;; shortcut for (var ...)
(lp (car t) ell-dim))
(let* ((once (lp (car t) ell-dim))
(nest (if (and (null? (cdr ell-vars))
(identifier? once)
(eq? once (car vars)))
once ;; shortcut
(cons _map
(cons (list _lambda ell-vars once)
(many (do ((d depth (- d 1))
(many nest
(list _apply _append many)))
((= d 1) many))))
(if (null? (ellipsis-tail t))
many ;; shortcut
(list _append many (lp (ellipsis-tail t) dim))))))))
(else (list _cons3 (lp (car t) dim) (lp (cdr t) dim) (list _quote t)))))
((vector? t) (list _list->vector (lp (vector->list t) dim)))
((null? t) (list _quote '()))
(else t))))
(list _lambda (list _expr _rename _baselib _compare)
(lambda (clause) (expand-pattern (car clause) (cadr clause)))
(list _cons
(list _error "no expansion for"
(list _expr))
;; Generic syntax-rules implementation for define-macro platforms
;; Runtime for chibi-scheme's synrule implementation
;; yuni/gensym and yuni/identifier? are implementation specific
(define (yuni/cons-source a b c) (cons a b))
(define (yuni/length*-itr n obj)
(if (pair? obj)
(yuni/length*-itr (+ n 1) (cdr obj))
(define (yuni/length* obj)
(yuni/length*-itr 0 obj))
(define (yuni/synrule-baselib sym) sym)
(define (yuni/synrule-compare x y) (eq? x y))
(define-macro (define-syntax name synrule)
(let ((tran
yuni/gensym yuni/synrule-baselib yuni/synrule-compare)))
(args (yuni/gensym 'args)))
`(define-macro (,name . ,args)
(let ((a (,tran (cons ',name ,args)
yuni/gensym yuni/synrule-baselib yuni/synrule-compare)))
(display (list 'OUT: a))
(define ($undefined) (if #f #f))
(define-syntax letrec0
(syntax-rules ()
((letrec0 ((var1 init1) ...) body ...)
(letrec0 "generate temp names"
(var1 ...)
((var1 init1) ...)
body ...))
((letrec0 "generate temp names" ()
(temp1 ...)
((var1 init1) ...)
body ...)
(let ((var1 ($undefined)) ...)
(let ((temp1 init1) ...)
(set! var1 temp1)
body ...)))
((letrec0 "generate temp names" (x y ...)
(temp ...)
((var1 init1) ...)
body ...)
(letrec0 "generate temp names" (y ...)
(newtemp temp ...)
((var1 init1) ...)
body ...))))
(letrec0 ((a 10)
(b 20))
(display (list a b))
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