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Keynote: Vim Renaissance
By Prabir Shrestha
"I'm thankful to people in vim-jp"
"With LSP, you don't have to configure for every language!"
"If you're not using LSP, go use it!"
It works with every language, every OS, in Vim8 or Neovim...Great!
He talks about vim so passionately, that's awesome.
He says "Go use it!" so many times, I'd like to use LSP more!
Keynote: We can have nice things
By Justin M. Keyes
"Neovim is not a replacement of Vim, but it's a maximization of Vim"
:help design-improved
Neovim and Vim history... I didn't know adding terminal is such a big change.
He says "it's a fun part from here" 5 minute before the talk is finished and my brain exploded. I'll read the slides later...
Your Vim is Only for You
By mopp
"Improve productivity by modifying vimrc"
"Launching speed is important"
"Do not just copy and paste"
"Help contains a lot of information so check it"
I'd like to grow my vimrc after comparing uploaded vimrc and the slides.
Grown up from Vim User to Vim plugin developer side
"The first encounter was awful because of Vim harassment"
"And to the dark side..."
"I submitted a issue because there's a bug, and 20 minutes later it was closed."
It's a speedy and interesting talk. At last it's finished with the message "OSS is not difficult" and that was awesome! I'd like to translate Vim doc!
Usage and manipulation of the tag stack
By daisuzu
"Todan Driven Development"
"Try Ctrl-] and Ctrl-t"
It explains tag stack usage and how it works. So comprehensible!
make test
"Last year I joined VimConf for the first time and have worked hard for today"
I was surprised to know there's a way to contribute to OSS by adding tests!
My Vim life
By gorilla0513
"I'd like to tell various kinds of people about how good Vim is"
"I started gorilla.vim to hear from many people"
I respect him so much since his input and output is numerous!
Using Vim at Work!
By Danish Prakash
"Brains can understand visual information faster than text information"
"Under some circumstances using mouse is faster than using keyboard"
Psychological explanation is new to me and interesting!
Let's Play with Vanilla Vim
By Hezby Muhammad
"How to use vanilla Vim"
Vim can do many things without plugins.
And now I know that Vim cheat sheet is in the novelty bag.
13 Vim plugins I use every day
Tatsuhiro Ujihisa
Live coding is so fast that i was just like "wow". Amazing.
My dark plugins development history ~ over 10 years ~
By Shougo
"I am dark Vim master"
"Vim script is very slow!"
It's interesting to know how Shougo has thought and developed. Paper is a physical Vim!
Customer support with Vim
Before reply, he writes answers in Vim so that there should be no mistakes.
Connect many developers with small plugin
By lighttiger
He wrote a plugin with small amount of code because of Vim ecosystem!
Time script
By aiya
Vim script with strong static typing!
By micchibear
He runs girls.vim with me. A plugin to lose weight!
Vim as a text processor
By Usami
Git migration of Vim
By Koron
GitHub vs. Bitbucket -> GitHub
Now it works with CI and you can send Pull Request!
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