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YUIConf 2011

YUIConf 2011


Day 1: 2011-11-03

Welcome Keynote, Dav Glass (@davglass)

YUI for Designers, Jeff Pihach

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From one, many; from many, one — class inheritance and composition in YUI, Luke Smith (@ls_n)

Why YUI, Derek Gathright (@derek)

Demystifying Loader: Advanced Module Configuration, Jeff Craig (@foxxtrot)

There is no off-season:'s move to YUI, Ryan Cannon (@rcanine)

A Yahoo! Messenger Chrome Extension Built on YUI, Weiwei Shi

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Scaling mobile with YUI: building corporate mobile Apps with HTML5 and YUI, Jeff Burtoft (@boyofgreen)

YUI Graphics, Tripp

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YUI Calendar, Allen Rabinovich (@allenr)

Automating Website Optimization, Pat Cavit (@tivac)

Writing Testable Javascript, Mark Trostler (@zzoass)

YUI Dial Widget, a New Breed of UI Input Control, Jeff Conniff

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Keynote: Crockford On JavaScript: Section 8: Programming Style and Your Brain, Douglas Crockford

Day 2: 2011-11-04

Keynote: The Future of JavaScript, Dave Herman (@littlecalculist)

Using Yahoo! Pipes and the YQL module to power your web app, Paul Donnelly

YUI Hidden Gems, Andrew Wooldridge (@triptych)

Mojito: Cool, Refreshing and a whole lot of JavaScript, Bill Edney

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YQL.Auth: How to use our YUI widget extension to render/access user data off-network (securely), Stephen Saine

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YUI App Framework: You've Been Wanting This, Eric Ferraiuolo (@ericf)

Case Study: Building a mobile mail client using HTML5 and YUI, Tony Lu

  • Video, Slide

Y! Local Mobile Case Study, Gonzalo Cordero (@goonieiam)

Implementing the "copy" feature in Y! Mail's Contact Bubble/, Subramanyan Murali

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Livestand: Learnings, Satyen Desai (@dezziness)

Building dynamic locally relevant Web Apps with YUI, Edouard Duvillier

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Building Bridges: Unit Testing with YUITest and Node.js, Felipe Gasper

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Introducing AlloyUI DiagramBuilder, Eduardo Lundgren

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Intro to YUI, Allen Rabinovich (@allenr)

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YUI Building Blocks, Luke Smith (@ls_n)

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Industrial Strengh CSS, Thierry Koblentz

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JUTE — A Deep Dive in Javascript Unit Testing, Mark Trostler (@zzoass)

Developing Apps for Yahoo! Mail, Joe Covalesky

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rgrove commented Nov 15, 2011

Awesome! Thanks for putting this together.

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