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Created Mar 21, 2019
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# Required module > ImportExcel
# Install it like this > "Install-Module ImportExcel"
# Get the dataset from the ATT&CK matrix
# Diff online and offline, to only download on updates
# parameters for download, xlsx file and so on.
write-host "[+] Loading MITRE ATT&CK Data" -ForegroundColor Cyan
$dataset=Get-Content -Path enterprise-attack.json | ConvertFrom-Json | Select-Object -ExpandProperty objects | where type -eq "attack-pattern"
$Collection =@()
foreach ($object in $dataset)
$Props = @{
'ID' = $object.external_references.'external_id'
'Data Source' = $object.'x_mitre_data_sources'
'Name' = $object.'name'
'Detection' = $object.'x_mitre_detection'
'Platforms' = $object.'x_mitre_platforms'
'Description' = $object.'description'
'Tactic' = $object.'kill_chain_phases'.'phase_name'
$TotalObjects = New-Object PSCustomObject -Property $Props
$Collection += $TotalObjects
write-host "[++] Updating your Data Source sheet" -ForegroundColor Cyan
$Collection | Select-Object @{Name ="ID"; Expression={$_.ID -split "," }},@{Name ="Name"; Expression={$_.Name -join ","}},@{Name="Data Source";Expression={$_.'Data Source' -join ","}},@{Name="Platforms";Expression={$_.'Platforms' -join ","}},@{Name="Detection";Expression={$_.'Detection' -join ","}},@{Name="Description";Expression={$_.'Description' -join ","}},@{Name="Tactic";Expression={$_.'Tactic' -join ","}} | Sort ID | Export-Excel "C:\Users\ohartong\tools\ATTACKdatamap\mitre_data_assessment.xlsx" -WorksheetName REF-DataSources
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