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@olafloogman olafloogman/jwtadmin.json
Last active Nov 26, 2018

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"aud": "a3439c32-d6b0-474d-9858-a18ec2ccee34",
"iss": "",
"iat": 1543195219,
"nbf": 1543195219,
"exp": 1543199119,
"acr": "1",
"aio": "WSQA2/8JAAAAwckn0nW5xdREv07jXYtrTRntXLTrURn34W7tvirCijs=",
"amr": [
"appid": "ef97e261-0f49-4123-9911-d5f6129da09c",
"appidacr": "1",
"family_name": "Loogman",
"given_name": "Olaf",
"groups": [
"ipaddr": "",
"name": "Olaf Loogman",
"oid": "11f8b381-7590-42ac-a402-2da747704df9",
"roles": [
"scp": "user_impersonation",
"sub": "2YiKvuEuactNDBsEtEUitkrEF1z_mWCFjcaJcXPfzUA",
"tid": "e0e04c7d-4d23-4078-9562-cea9be7bffed",
"unique_name": "",
"upn": "",
"uti": "EC2xryxMeEalJodobLP-AA",
"ver": "1.0",
"wids": [
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