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Created Mar 6, 2019
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Build instructions for ibm_db

To build the ibm_db package you would need to execute the following steps.

conda skeleton pypi ibm_db

Once complete a directory labeled ibm_db will be created, and inside that directory you will have a meta.yaml file.

If you would like to build the package for a specific python version you can edit the meta.yaml file and specify the version you would like to build it for. For example to build the package for python 3.6, open the meta.yaml file and edit the version of python to be 3.6 as seen in the example below.

    - pip
    - python=3.6
    - python=3.6

When you are ready you can execute the build command.

conda build ibm_db

Once complete you will be give the path of the package in the output, and feel free to upload that into AE5 into your channel of choice.

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