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Retrofit: Xml or Json converter
public class XmlOrJsonConverterFactory extends Converter.Factory {
final Converter.Factory xml = SimpleXmlConverterFactory.create();
final Converter.Factory gson = GsonConverterFactory.create();
public Converter<ResponseBody, ?> responseBodyConverter(
Type type, Annotation[] annotations, Retrofit retrofit) {
// Retrofit gives us all the annotations so we just need to check
for (Annotation annotation : annotations) {
if (annotation.annotationType() == Xml.class) {
return xml.responseBodyConverter(type, annotations, retrofit);
if (annotation.annotationType() == Json.class) {
return gson.responseBodyConverter(type, annotations, retrofit);
// There is no annotation so we cannot handle it
return null;
// and my service would be something like
Call<Stuff> getStuff();
Call<OtherStuff getOtherStuff();
// and we would simple build retrofit with
new Retrofit.Builder()
.addConverterFactory(new XmlOrJsonConverterFactory())
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