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Geocodes addresses on the command line and print the geo coordinates (latitude and longitude). See for more info on how I am using this script.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Determines the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the places or
# addresses passed as arguments (either on the command line or via stdin)
# and prints the results.
# This script requires the Ruby Geocoder gem by Alex Reisner
# (
# To install the gem, run this command from a Terminal session:
# sudo gem install geocoder
# If you are using a Ruby version manager such as rbenv or RVM, make sure
# to install the Geocoder gem in the operating system's Ruby installation
# if you use this script inside an OS X Automator action.
# For example, in rbenv, call rbenv global system before installing.
require 'geocoder'
if ARGV.count > 0
input = ARGV
input = ARGF
input.set_encoding("utf-8") # required to handle non-ASCII characters in Automator action
output = ""
input.each do |address|
trimmed_address = address.strip
if trimmed_address.empty?
output += "\n"
geocode_result =
if geocode_result.first
coordinates = geocode_result.first.coordinates.join(", ")
coordinates = "Not found"
output += "#{coordinates}\n"
puts output
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