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Created Apr 8, 2017
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NaCl 20110221
#include "api.h"
#include "crypto_sign.h"
#include "crypto_hash_sha512.h"
#include "randombytes.h"
#include "crypto_verify_32.h"
#include "ge25519.h"
int crypto_sign_keypair(
unsigned char *pk,
unsigned char *sk
sc25519 scsk;
ge25519 gepk;
randombytes(sk, 32);
crypto_hash_sha512(sk, sk, 32);
sk[0] &= 248;
sk[31] &= 127;
sk[31] |= 64;
ge25519_scalarmult_base(&gepk, &scsk);
ge25519_pack(pk, &gepk);
return 0;
int crypto_sign(
unsigned char *sm,unsigned long long *smlen,
const unsigned char *m,unsigned long long mlen,
const unsigned char *sk
sc25519 sck, scs, scsk;
ge25519 ger;
unsigned char r[32];
unsigned char s[32];
unsigned long long i;
unsigned char hmg[crypto_hash_sha512_BYTES];
unsigned char hmr[crypto_hash_sha512_BYTES];
*smlen = mlen+64;
sm[32 + i] = m[i];
sm[i] = sk[32+i];
crypto_hash_sha512(hmg, sm, mlen+32); /* Generate k as h(m,sk[32],...,sk[63]) */
sc25519_from64bytes(&sck, hmg);
ge25519_scalarmult_base(&ger, &sck);
ge25519_pack(r, &ger);
sm[i] = r[i];
crypto_hash_sha512(hmr, sm, mlen+32); /* Compute h(m,r) */
sc25519_from64bytes(&scs, hmr);
sc25519_mul(&scs, &scs, &sck);
sc25519_from32bytes(&scsk, sk);
sc25519_add(&scs, &scs, &scsk);
sc25519_to32bytes(s,&scs); /* cat s */
sm[mlen+32+i] = s[i];
return 0;
int crypto_sign_open(
unsigned char *m,unsigned long long *mlen,
const unsigned char *sm,unsigned long long smlen,
const unsigned char *pk
int i;
unsigned char t1[32], t2[32];
ge25519 get1, get2, gepk;
sc25519 schmr, scs;
unsigned char hmr[crypto_hash_sha512_BYTES];
if (ge25519_unpack_vartime(&get1, sm)) return -1;
if (ge25519_unpack_vartime(&gepk, pk)) return -1;
sc25519_from64bytes(&schmr, hmr);
ge25519_scalarmult(&get1, &get1, &schmr);
ge25519_add(&get1, &get1, &gepk);
ge25519_pack(t1, &get1);
sc25519_from32bytes(&scs, &sm[smlen-32]);
ge25519_scalarmult_base(&get2, &scs);
ge25519_pack(t2, &get2);
m[i] = sm[i + 32];
*mlen = smlen-64;
return crypto_verify_32(t1, t2);
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