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Exchanges and web wallets do not need "cold" and "hot" storage. They need 2-of-3 multisig lock.
1. User's funds are locked on 2-of-3 multisig transaction (P2SH or directly, does not matter).
2. Key A belongs to user (similarly to, service may backup the encrypted key, but user loses key when forgets the password).
3. Key B is stored on web server, unencrypted.
4. Key C belongs to technical staff of the service. This key is encrypted by staff's password and only stored on personal computers of the staff.
"Hot storage" is a combination of key A and key B: user can withdraw (possibly limited) amount of coins immediately. Coinbase does not risk losing hot wallet funds. Bitcoin-Central does not need to disable immediate withdrawals.
"Cold storage" is a combination of key B and C: user may lose password, but can contact the support staff to unlock his funds. This solves the problem of, where users must never forget their passwords.
Note: this breaks's promise to never have access to anyone's funds. But if your own web wallet wants to nanny its users, then that's the solution for you.
The only downside: user needs to take care of storing their key somewhere. The way does it is not entirely safe as attacker who gains access to their server may place a honeypot collecting users' passwords. Some standalone installable app would be helpful.
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