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"op": "PARAGRAPH",
"data": {
"paragraph": {
"title": "ZTools sync for Big Data Tools IDEA plugin",
"text": "%spark\n// It is generated code for integration with Big Data Tools plugin\n// Please DO NOT edit it.\nimport org.jetbrains.ztools.spark.Tools\n\nTools.init($intp, 3, true)\nprintln(Tools.getEnv.toJsonObject.toString)\nprintln(\"----\")\nprintln(Tools.getCatalogProvider(\"spark\").toJson)",
"user": "anonymous",
"dateUpdated": "2020-09-22T09:24:24+0300",
"config": {
"tableHide": true,
"editorHide": true
"settings": {
"params": {
"bdtMeta": {
"forms": {}
"apps": [],
"runtimeInfos": {},
"progressUpdateIntervalMs": 500,
"jobName": "paragraph_1600755864554_1214181900",
"id": "paragraph_1600755864554_1214181900",
"dateCreated": "2020-09-22T09:24:24+0300",
"dateStarted": "2020-09-22T09:24:24+0300",
"status": "RUNNING"
"ticket": "anonymous",
"principal": "anonymous",
"roles": ""
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