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Highlight HN author
// bookmarklet_title: Highlight HN author
// Because I'm lazy
// Function to change the mouse cursor to something distinctive
function setDistinctiveCursor() { = 'crosshair';
// Function to reset the mouse cursor to default
function resetCursor() { = 'auto';
// Color palette
const colors = ['yellow', 'cyan', 'magenta', 'lime', 'orange', 'pink'];
// Function to handle the click event
function handleClick(event) {
// Prevent the default behavior of the click (e.g., following a link)
// Get the clicked element
const clickedElement =;
console.debug("Clicked", clickedElement);
// Check if the clicked element is an anchor (a) element
if (clickedElement.tagName === 'A') {
let colorIndex = window.__HLHNauthorColorIndex ?? 0;
// Get the href attribute value
const href = clickedElement.getAttribute('href');
// Create a CSS selector based on the href attribute value
const selector = `a[href="${href}"]`;
// Check if the style rule is already defined in the style element
const styleElement = document.querySelector('style');
if (styleElement && !styleElement.textContent.includes(selector)) {
// Define the CSS rule for the selector
styleElement.textContent += `${selector} { background-color: ${colors[colorIndex]}; }\n`;
// Set the background color for the clicked element and similar elements
const elements = document.querySelectorAll(selector);
elements.forEach((element) => { = colors[colorIndex];
console.debug("Applied color", colors[colorIndex]);
// Cycle to the next color in the palette
window.__HLHNauthorColorIndex = (colorIndex + 1) % colors.length;
// Reset the mouse cursor
// Function to highlight the next clicked element
function highlightNextClickedElement() {
// Set the distinctive cursor
// Define the click event listener as a separate function
function clickEventListener(event) {
// Remove the event listener after the first click
document.body.removeEventListener('click', clickEventListener);
// Add the click event listener
document.body.addEventListener('click', clickEventListener);
// Call the function to highlight the next clicked element
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