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Fetch AWS Cloudfront Logs, decompress, combine into a single file and remove comments
#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [[ -n $1 ]]; then
aws s3 sync s3://$BUCKET/cf-logs .
cat *.gz > combined.log.gz
find $CWD ! -name 'combined.log.gz' -name '*.gz' -type f -exec rm -f {} +
gzip -d combined.log.gz
sed -i '/^#/ d' combined.log
exit 0
echo "Error: no bucket name provided"
exit 1
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olen2006 commented May 12, 2019
The script does the following:

Reads the bucket name as the first argument
Synchronises the current working directory with the specified S3 bucket
Combines the gzipped log files into a single file
Removes all files other than the combined file
Decompresses the file
Removes comments

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