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Created December 11, 2014 09:34
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MvvmCross snippets for Xamarin Studio
Shortcut: cmvx
Group: C#
Description: ICommand
Mime: text/x-csharp
Template text:
ICommand _$myCommand$;
public ICommand $MyCommand$ {
get {
_$myCommand$ = _$myCommand$ ?? new MvxCommand(Do$MyCommand$);
return _$myCommand$;
void Do$MyCommand$ ()
Shortcut: pmvx
Group: C#
Description: Mvvm property
Mime: text/x-csharp
Template text:
$type$ _$privateName$;
public $type$ $publicName$ {
get { return _$privateName$; }
set { _$privateName$ = value; RaisePropertyChanged (() => $publicName$); }
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