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SSL cheetsheet

Encode file with password

alias enc='openssl enc -e -aes128 -base64 -pass "env:PASS"'

Decode file with password

alias dec='openssl enc -d -aes128 -base64 -pass "env:PASS"'

Check client certificate

openssl pkcs12 -info -in client.p12

Check java truststore

keytool -list -keystore client.jks -storepass changeit;

Check certificate authority

openssl x509 -inform PEM -in ca.pem -text -out certdata; cat certdata;

Creates certificates for node.js

sslnode() { openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nokeys -clcerts -in $1 -out cert.pem; openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nocerts -clcerts -in $1 -out key.pem;}

Generate a random password

openssl rand -base64 32

If you have the error: unable to write 'random state', which refers to the default seeding file, just delete it:

sudo rm ~/.rnd

Generate unique id


Or for a 10 chars id in hexadecimal

openssl rand -hex 10

Alternatively for 8 chars base64 id:

openssl rand -base64 6

Or to generate a n chars id:

genid() { openssl rand -base64 40 | cut -c1-$1; }
genid 15

curl: (60) SSL certificate problem

Reason: The website called by curl relies on a certificate authority not supported.

In practice: if you are calling a website with a custom CA certificate, you need to download this ca.pem.

curl: (56) SSL read

Reason: The website called by curl expects you to provide a SSL client certificate.

In practice: it should be your client certificate exported from Firefox in .p12 format. Also check that ${userHome}/.curlrc contains a line starting with cert. keystore password was incorrect

Reason: The password for your SSL client certificate is incorrect.

In practice: you can export your client certificate in .p12 format from Firefox. See the Advanced/Certificates/Backup in Firefox preferences.

Uncaught exception: General SSLEngine problem

The SSL connection is untrusted because of name difference between SSL server certificate and url called.

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