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Example call to from Apple's Weather Dashboard Widget in OS X Yosemite,
<adc_Database xmlns="">
<CityList us="4" intl="3" extra_cities="0">
<location city="Zurich" state="KS" postal="lid_2137121"/>
<location city="Zurich" state="NY" postal="lid_2171451"/>
<location city="Zurich" state="MT" postal="lid_349249"/>
<location city="Zurich" state="CA" postal="lid_2143185"/>
<location city="Zurich" state="Switzerland (Zurich)" postal="lid_316622"/>
<location city="Zurich" state="Netherlands (Friesland)" postal="lid_247882"/>
<location city="Zurich" state="Canada (Ontario)" postal="lid_2289281"/>
<copyright>Copyright 2015</copyright>
<use>Apple Widget - This document is intended only for use by authorized licensees of Unauthorized use is prohibited. All Rights Reserved.</use>
<redistribution>Redistribution Prohibited.</redistribution>

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