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From webapp sludge to a working Eclipse project deployed to local Tomcat

How to eclipsify a bad webapp


  • Tomcat 7 is available and imported into eclipse
  • Eclipse Juno, EE flavour.

Any mismatch between these assumptions and reality may result in failures and face-palm.


  1. Right click on project > Properties (at the bottom)

  2. Configure the properties thusly:

Project Facets > Convert to Faceted Form...

  • tick Dynamic Web Module > Apply

Java build path

  • Libraries tab
    • Add Library...
      • JRE System Library > OK
    • Add JARs...
      • [project name] > WebContent > lib
      • select all the .jar files > OK
  • Source tab
    • Add Folder...
    • tick src
    • Choose yes when asked if you want to remove the project dir as source


  • Include path > click on folder > double click on Excluded (None)
  • Exclusion Pattern > Add...
    • **/*.min.js
    • OK > Finish > OK
  1. If all the red-x's be gone, then we can deploy it to tomcat:


  • Tomcat > right click
    • Add and Remove...
    • Add the available project
  • Hit the green play button to restart tomcat
  • open up http://localhost:8080/[projectname] in a browser
  • See the wonder.


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