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Developer with ideas, meet Meteor; Meteor meet ideas. Oh look, they've become manifest.

Meet Meteor

The framework for turning ideas into webapps

A full stack web framework

  • Manages client and server side.
  • Things like Rails manage server side issues.
  • Things like Ember & Angular provide front-end structure.
  • Meteor helps out with both.
  • It's Node + MongoDB + WebSockets + Handlebars, in a package designed to get you up and running, fast.

It's focused on realtime reactivity

  • Most existing frameworks cater for the traditional model; server handles a request by sending back html, the client renders it and we all twiddle our thumbs and wait until the user interacts with the page.
  • Meteor doesn't do that.
  • Meteor is all about data and diffs, autosync'd and live updated. It still all ends up as angle brackets and web pages, but Meteor has grown up in a world where client side templating is a thing, and user experience matters.

Keeping it simple

  • Your client gets a collection. When they add something to it, Meteor syncs the change to the server, and pushes it out to all the other connected clients.
  • That's it.
  • ...and that's why it's awesome.
  • Your client and server code is all JS.
  • The collection api is just a subset of the mongo api.
  • There are just less things to keep in your brain-stack.
  • And so the velociraptor of complexity is kept at bay long enough for you to crank out your ideas.

React! Respond! Deploy!

  • It's fun. Try it.
  • Graphs that dance in front of your eyes, maps that track in realtime, collaborative drawing boards. Formally all the domain of desktop apps and wizards.
  • Even if you are smart enough to have an idea on how you'd build a twitter like website that updates as you're looking at it, it's not trivial to get going. There's a lot of choices to make and beasties to dodge.
  • It is super simple to install Meteor then create and deploy your first reactive app. Look:
     curl | /bin/sh      // EGADS! Running a script off the internet! 
                                                    // Go look at the source if you're worried.

     meteor create flipping-awesome-app             // create a working template app
     meteor                                         // runs it
     meteor deploy flipping-awesome                 // deploys it to


Proof, dammit! I want proof.

Slides, dammit! I want slides.

Oh. Ok. Sounds fun. Let's go!


Do you mind if I translate this into spanish?


Not at all, that would be awesome!

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