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Created Nov 17, 2017
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IPFS Address flavours
<!doctype html>
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
<body class='sans-serif'>
<h1 class='mw6 center'>IPFS Address flavours</h1>
<dl class='lh-copy mw6 center pt4'>
<a href=''>
<a href='ipfs://QmZyRCtk8MGpuWXn2d1QyTfLWKMTHrT2aHs2vDkfry5zKT'>
<a href='dweb:/ipfs/QmZyRCtk8MGpuWXn2d1QyTfLWKMTHrT2aHs2vDkfry5zKT'>
<dt title='Nestable URI aka path addressing'>NURI</dt>
<a href='/ipfs/QmZyRCtk8MGpuWXn2d1QyTfLWKMTHrT2aHs2vDkfry5zKT'>
<div class="pt5 mw7 center">
<blockquote class="athelas ml0 mt0 pl4 black-90 bl bw2 b--blue">
<p class="f5 f4-m f3-l lh-copy mt0">
&ldquo;whenever we talk about these, it's important to be very exact in the notation of the address. <strong>The number of slashes matters a great deal</strong>.&rdquo;
<cite class="f6 ttu tracked fs-normal">
<a href=''>@lgirth</a>

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