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LXJS is made with <3.


It's often said:

"LXJS is made with love".

It's true. Love, and a huge amount of work.

Lot's of awesome happens at LXJS.

It's awesome because the people are awesome.

Sure, the tech is amazing; it's the shiny thing that gets you there.

That's the real point of it.



All of us. We. It's a bunch of you, pulling in the same direction then darting off; flights of fancy then feeding back. Ideas and people, inspiration and collaboration, at the same time, in the same place.

Choose your adventure and go and be part of it. We build communities by participating; beauty emerges; the compound of countless interactions.

You'll find a contributor for your project, a games-master for your undefeatable bug, a hero for a high-five, and like-minds to mine. We're all there. Come find us.

DRIIFT is going to be there to help.

We'll greet you at the door, put your name in lights and give you a heat map of the bright sparks: the people, places, workshops and parties.

At a low level it's an idea in NFC, data lanyards, badges, connections, and finding people. It's an experiment in interaction. That awkward first bip and the conversation that ensues. Finding common ground by publishing participation.

And badges. Such badges. We'll tell you more when you get here.

So. Get ready... LXJS is awesome: A worlds faire of techno-wonderments and a festival of levelling-up.

Made with <3, and you.

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