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Working from home

Martin Olsansky olso

Working from home
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olso / my-spotify.json
Last active July 5, 2023 08:51
sziget festival 2023 music artists (376) - created 04.07.2023
1. resend all rides to your email throught app (manual clicking but not so bad)
2. in gmail, go to settings and disable conversation mode view
3. select all emails from bold and right click to send as attachement
4. send this email to yourself
5. download all attachements
6. (optinal) revert settings in step 2.
download invoices using bash:
for f in * ; do
URL=`grep -roh "$f" -e 'https:\/\/\/[^"]*'`
olso / gist:78634c1f87f523fbcf5455c1b4e4fc52
Created June 24, 2020 11:12
Gitlab multiple runners on the same host and limit one job per runner, due to node module caching. Also separated runner per repo
concurrent = 4
check_interval = 0
session_timeout = 1800
name = "hoeapp"
url = ""
token = ""
olso / LottieWebReact.tsx
Last active January 19, 2023 01:38
Lottie web example with react, styled components, hooks, typescript, ssr, without memory leaks (hopefully)
import * as React from "react";
import styled from "styled-components";
import lottie from "lottie-web";
import { up } from "styled-breakpoints";
import { isServer } from "client/consts/env";
const Container = styled.div`
width: 100vw;
height: 100vh;
olso /
Created May 28, 2019 21:20
audi a3 engineering menu

No SD in the MMI insert !!!

  1. Unpack the downloaded file and copy it directly to the root of the SD

  2. Start up the MMI, wait 2-3 minutes (it's important to wait, otherwise it will not start the script!)

  3. Insert SD in slot 1

  4. Now should automatically open an Audi image with the message "Rotate switch to Hidden Menu activation to start!", The message should then disappear immediately.

olso /
Created May 17, 2019 22:28 — forked from andy-thomason/
Genomics a programmers introduction

Genomics - A programmer's guide.

Andy Thomason is a Senior Programmer at Genomics PLC. He has been witing graphics systems, games and compilers since the '70s and specialises in code performance.

olso /
Created April 1, 2019 11:56 — forked from bubenkoff/
Endpoint Security VPN FULL start/stop script for Mac OS X
# The reason of creating this script is that Endpoint Security VPN installs it's own application firewall kext cpfw.kext
# which prevents for example PPTP connections from this computer, which is not appropriate if you need subj connection just
# from time to time
# Usage: load|unload
# You will need sudo power, of course
if [ $1 == "unload" ]
olso /
Created March 13, 2019 18:04 — forked from paf31/
Reimplementing a NodeJS Service in Haskell


At DICOM Grid, we recently made the decision to use Haskell for some of our newer projects, mostly small, independent web services. This isn't the first time I've had the opportunity to use Haskell at work - I had previously used Haskell to write tools to automate some processes like generation of documentation for TypeScript code - but this is the first time we will be deploying Haskell code into production.

Over the past few months, I have been working on two Haskell services:

  • A reimplementation of an existing service, previously written for NodeJS using TypeScript.
  • A new service, which would interact with third-party components using standard data formats from the medical industry.

I will write here mostly about the first project, since it is a self-contained project which provides a good example of the power of Haskell. Moreover, the proces

olso / import_ESCO_csv_en.cql
Created February 18, 2019 11:47 — forked from rvanbruggen/import_ESCO_csv_en.cql
ESCO database in Neo4j
//Import ESCO using CSV files
create index ON :Occupation(ISCOGroup);
create index ON :Occupation(altLabels);
create index ON :Skill(altLabels);
create index ON :ISCOGroup(code);
create index ON :Skill(conceptUri);
create index ON :ISCOGroup(conceptUri);
create index ON :Occupation(conceptUri);
create index ON :Occupation(preferredLabel);
create index ON :Skill(preferredLabel);