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@olxios olxios/DebugPrint.swift
Last active Sep 8, 2017

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How to use NSLog and print only for debugging?
/// Writes the textual representations of `items` most suitable for
/// debugging, separated by `separator` and terminated by
/// `terminator`, into the standard output.
/// The textual representations are obtained for each `item` via
/// the expression `String(reflecting: item)`.
/// - Note: To print without a trailing newline, pass `terminator: ""`
/// - SeeAlso: `print`, `Streamable`, `CustomStringConvertible`,
/// `CustomDebugStringConvertible`
public func debugPrint(items: Any..., separator: String = default, terminator: String = default)
// Swift 3
import Foundation
func releasePrint(_ object: Any) {
func print(_ object: Any) {
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