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Create Flutter Package and Publish to the Beginner Friendly Steps

1. Create flutter package

flutter create --template=package package_name

2. Add/Edit following details in pubspec.yaml (of package)

Step 2

3. Add package name in example code

Step 3

4. After completion above steps

  • run CMD to test run or all terms and condtions meets or not. if yes then flutter pub publish --dry-run else check console resolve problems.

  • To publish package on run CMD flutter pub publish

5. Publish code on GitHub

  1. Initalize Git - git init
  2. Message/Commit - git commit -m "Type Commit/Msg here"
  3. Add Project to your Repositry git remote add origin Repositry_URL
  4. Push Code - git push -u origin master

In case you stuck anywhere please follows this Repo Flat Banners

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