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Quick sample of converting an ArcGIS feature class to a pandas dataframe using arcpy.
import arcpy
import pandas as pd
def build_df_from_arcpy(table, index_col=None):
Build a pandas dataframe from an ArcGIS Feature Class.
Uses the arcpy Search Cursor to loop over a feature class in pandas and
generate a pandas dataframe. If the dataset is a feature class with a
geometry it will calculate the length and the area before returning, and
the geometry will be returned as well-known-text.
:param table: The path to the feature class or table
:type table: str
:param index_col: A column to use as the dataframe index. If not supplied
for feature classes use the Object ID
:type index_col: str
:return: dataframe representation of the feature class. Note this is all in
memory, so be careful with really big datasets!
:rtype: pd.DataFrame
desc = arcpy.Describe(table)
cursor = arcpy.SearchCursor(table)
new_data = []
for row in cursor:
new_row = {}
for field in desc.fields:
new_row[field.aliasName or] = row.getValue(
if not index_col:
index_col = desc.OIDFieldName
df = pd.DataFrame(new_data).set_index(index_col)
df["SHAPEArea"] = df[desc.shapeFieldName].apply(lambda g: g.area)
df["SHAPELength"] = df[desc.shapeFieldName].apply(lambda g: g.length)
df[desc.shapeFieldName] = df[desc.shapeFieldName].apply(lambda g: g.WKT)
except AttributeError:
# If this is a table in the datbase or on disk, in ArcGIS it won't have
# either an OID field, nor a geometry
return df
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