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http url router
from toll import run, Toll
app = Toll(__name__)
def index():
return 'Hello World'
def showme(num):
return 'You have posted {}'.format(num), {'Content-Type': 'text/html'}
run('', 8000, app)
import re
from wsgiref.util import setup_testing_defaults
from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server
class NoRouteFoundException(Exception):
class Toll(object):
def __init__(self, name): = name
self.routes = {}
def route(self, pattern):
def to(action):
self.routes[pattern] = action
return action
return to
def handle_route(self, path):
for route, _func in self.routes.items():
m = re.match(route, path)
if m:
# TODO: also set request kwargs somewhere
# groupdict = m.groupdict()
return _func(*m.groups())
raise NoRouteFoundException('No route found')
def accept(self, environ, res):
_headers_to_update = {'Content-type': 'text/plain'}
_headers = {}
status = '200 OK'
result = self.handle_route(environ['PATH_INFO'])
# would be nice to get rid of this condition
if type(result) is tuple and len(result) == 2:
result, _headers = result
except NoRouteFoundException:
status = '404 Not Found'
result = 'ERROR: Not Found'
res(status, _headers.items())
return result
def run(host, port, app):
httpd = make_server(host, port, app.accept)
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