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Troubleshoot slow edit (post/page/ct) pages in combination with Yoast SEO.

There have been multiple reports of people who have slow edit (post/page/ct) pages. Support could help us track down issues by asking the following questions:

  • Does the problem occur on every edit page of the same post type?
    • If not, it might be something specific in the content that is "causing" the slowdown. Please note:
      • Length of the content.
      • If there are a lot of shortcodes in use.
      • Use of images, links.
      • Use of other fields than the content field (for example excerpt or featured image).
      • Language in which the content is written.
  • Does the problem also occur on edit pages of other post types?
  • Does the problem occur immediately after the page is loaded or does the page become slower over time?
  • Does the problem only occur when editing specific fields on the page?
  • Does the problem also occur when Yoast SEO is the only plugin active?

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PedroSergio commented Jan 5, 2016

That problem occur in:

All posts
Editing de Focus Keyword only

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