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Bash script to install XAR. Run as root and takes one command line argument where you want the xar executable to exist.
if [ "`whoami`" != "root" ]; then
printf "Please run this script as root or using sudo\n"
exit 0
printf "Setting up XAR\n"
cp $XAR.tar.gz $LIB_DIR/
tar -xzvf $XAR.tar.gz
rm $XAR.tar.gz
cd $XAR
sudo make install
printf "******************************\n"
printf "xar setup!\n"
printf "******************************\n"
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almost commented Jan 31, 2013

It sudo's the make install so shouldn't require root for the whole script. Suggest removing lines 2-5

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pkrumins commented Feb 28, 2016

This is extremely bad advice. Please never run any code as root or sudo unless it's your code. You should never install any software to system global paths. Use local builds.

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hwfwalton commented May 9, 2016

The inconsistent whtitespace characters on lines 3/4 are driving me crazy

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