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Last active Oct 26, 2018
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import bjoern
from app import application

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@stuz5000 stuz5000 commented Mar 15, 2018

Hi Omed -- does this really lead to being able to support 10,000 concurrent requests? I tied this - if i call some endpoint /sleep/1 that sleeps for 1 second, I get exactly 1 request per second -- only one request is processed at a time, which means that if your requests are lengthy or IO bound, performance might not look so hot.


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@vzubin vzubin commented Jul 10, 2018

Hi @stuz5000 I too had this same issue where i had a lengthy request which made all the other request wait is there any work around for this

i tried starting multiple process of bjoern but still some request gets stalled.



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@dimperati dimperati commented Oct 26, 2018

one can put the web server behind reverse proxy e.g. nginx to buffer for slow connections

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