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A python script to get snmp info
import os
from pysnmp.entity.rfc3413.oneliner import cmdgen
import time
import datetime
def snmp_get_info(address:str, community: str, oid:str ) -> list:
cmdGen = cmdgen.CommandGenerator()
errorIndication, errorStatus, errorIndex, varBinds = cmdGen.getCmd(
cmdgen.UdpTransportTarget((address, 161)),
return varBinds
# The router return values in octets per second convert to megabits
def from_octets_snmp_oid_to_megabits(octets_snmp: list) -> float:
octets_per_sec = str(octets_snmp[0]).split("=")[1]
return float(octets_per_sec) / 1000 / 1000 * 8
interface_oid = ''
snmp_community = os.environ['SNMP_COMMUNITY']
device_address = ''
# The router keep counts in how absolute octets and not overtime so get the base octets per seconds for time=0sec
snmp_value = snmp_get_info(device_address, snmp_community, interface_oid)
megabits = from_octets_snmp_oid_to_megabits(snmp_value)
print("Starting test.. time: ", datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(time.time()).strftime('%H:%M:%S'))
# sample 10 times
for counter in range(0, 10):
snmp_value = snmp_get_info(device_address, snmp_community, interface_oid)
five_sec_value = from_octets_snmp_oid_to_megabits(snmp_value)
# Divide by 3 in order to get a one second resolution
print(datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(time.time()).strftime('%H:%M:%S - '),
round((five_sec_value - megabits)/3, 2), "mbits/sec")
megabits = five_sec_value
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