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aespinosa / job.groovy
Last active Jan 8, 2020
create a jenkins job in the script console
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import jenkins.model.Jenkins;
import hudson.model.FreeStyleProject;
import hudson.tasks.Shell;
job = Jenkins.instance.createProject(FreeStyleProject, 'job-name')
job.buildersList.add(new Shell('echo hello world'))
bhalash /
Last active Jan 17, 2019
Capybara, RSpec and AuthLogic

RSpec, Capybara and AuthLogic

This gist is dedicated to all of my fellow clueless n00bs who are frightened by the combination of [RSpec][1], [Capybara][2] and [Authlogic][3].

This gist will not tell you how to install Ruby, Rails, RSpec, Capybara or Authlogic. For the most part, you can install any of these by running either:

brew install <packagename>
bundle install <packagename>

At the point in time that you reach this gist, you should have all of them installed.

somebox /
Last active Jun 9, 2021 — forked from foz/
Set up an OSX machine from zero to awesome. Uses Homebrew (and cask, fonts, etc). Focused on Ruby/Rails development, includes rvm, xquartz, editor fonts, sublime text, and many tools.
# A script to set up a new mac. Uses bash, homebrew, etc.
# Focused for ruby/rails development. Includes many utilities and apps:
# - homebrew, rvm, node
# - quicklook plugins, terminal fonts
# - browsers: chrome, firefox
# - dev: iterm2, sublime text, postgres, chrome devtools, etc.
# - team: slack, dropbox, google drive, skype, etc
nicolashery /
Last active Jun 22, 2021
Elasticsearch: updating the mappings and settings of an existing index

Elasticsearch: updating the mappings and settings of an existing index

Note: This was written using elasticsearch 0.9.

Elasticsearch will automatically create an index (with basic settings and mappings) for you if you post a first document:

$ curl -X POST 'http://localhost:9200/thegame/weapons/1' -d \
  "_id": 1,
antonbabenko /
Created Jan 12, 2012
Curl list of urls and save http response code & times (useful for cache warmup)
while read LINE; do
curl -o /dev/null --silent --progress-bar --head --write-out '%{http_code} %{time_starttransfer} %{url_effective}\n' "$LINE" >> urls_result.txt
done < urls.txt