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@omgmog omgmog/.jwmrc
Last active May 30, 2019

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Generate list of games for JWM menu ( on PocketCHIP
<!-- Example Menu in .jwmrc config-->
<!-- ... -->
<Menu label="GBA Games" icon="gba.png">
<Include>exec:$HOME/.scripts/ gba vba</Include>
<Menu label="NES Games" icon="nes.png">
<Include>exec:$HOME/.scripts/ nes nestopia</Include>
echo "<JWM>"
find $HOME/Roms -type f -name "*.$romtype" -print0 |
while IFS= read -r -d '' r; do
echo "<Program label=\"$(basename "${r%.*}")\">$emulator \"$r\"</Program>"
echo "</JWM>"
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