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jawadatgithub / OIDC and OAuth2
Last active February 11, 2024 23:15
Enrich IdentityServer3 Documentation with OIDC (OpenID Connect) and OAuth2 Flows section
Note for community:

A. IdentityServer3 docs, samples and source code use OIDC & OAuth2 terms interchangeably to refer to same thing in many areas. I think that's make sense because OIDC introduced as complement & extension for OAuth2.

B. IdentityServer3, STS, OP, OIDC server, OAuth2 server, CSP, IDP and others: means same thing (software that provide/issue tokens to clients) as explained in [Terminology] (

C. Grants and flows mean same thing, grant was the common term in OAuth2 specs and flow is the common term in OIDC specs.

D. This document will not focus on custom flow/grant.

E. [Important] Choosing wrong flow leads to security threat.

yoavniran /
Last active July 12, 2024 11:15
The Ultimate Unit Testing Cheat-sheet For Mocha, Chai, Sinon, and Jest
xmlking / Enum.es6.js
Last active June 25, 2019 18:09
JavaScript Enums with ES6, Type Checking and Immutability
export class EnumSymbol {
sym = Symbol.for(name);
value: number;
description: string;
constructor(name: string, {value, description}) {
if(!, undefined)) this.value = value;
if(description) this.description = description;
jpoehls / mklink.psm1
Created June 7, 2012 19:40
Native PowerShell wrapper for MKLINK.
jpoehls / output.txt
Created March 26, 2012 16:48
PowerShell benchmarking function. Or, the Windows equivalent of Unix's `time` command.
PS> time { ping -n 1 } -Samples 10 -Silent
Avg: 62.1674ms
Min: 56.9945ms
Max: 87.9602ms
PS> time { ping -n 1 } -Samples 10 -Silent -Long
Avg: 00:00:00.0612480
Min: 00:00:00.0572167
nicjansma / MountVHD.cmd
Created January 5, 2012 02:28
MountVHD and UnMountVHD: Allows you to mount .VHDs in Windows 7 from the command-line.
@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
if {%1}=={} (
echo Usage: %~nx0 [vhd] [letter]
exit /b 1
set vhdPath=%~dpnx1
set driveLetter=%2
nitoyon / async_await_js.html
Created September 21, 2011 15:49
Test Implementation of .NET 5 `await` and `async` in JavaScript 1.7
<body onload="init2()">
<script type="application/javascript;version=1.7">
* Test Implementation of .NET 5 `await` and `async` in JavaScript 1.7
* !!!!! This sample only works on Firefox !!!!!
* (Other browsers don't support `yield` statement)
* use `async` function like:
wilmoore / sass_and_less_compared.markdown
Created February 10, 2011 06:17 — forked from chriseppstein/sass_and_less_compared.markdown
Sass/Less Comparison (updated 2011-02-09) -- thanks to chriseppstein for starting this

Sass/Less Comparison

In this document I am using Sass's SCSS syntax. You can choose to use the indented syntax in sass, if you prefer it, it has no functional differences from the SCSS syntax.

For less, I'm using the ruby version because this is what they suggest on the website. The javascript version may be different.