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  • Ability to change the settings from the backend for different states, without changing the backend.
    • name:
    • show_completions: Should we show the completions?
    • popup_on_every_session: Should we show the popup on every session?
    • status_code: Override the default status code.
    • message:
  • Initially should be able to support the below states.


To change any style of an element on the home page

  • Edit {project_dir}/css/theme_additional.scss
  • Generate css file theme-additional.css
View kubectl-shortcuts-bash
# Kubernetes usefulness.
alias kubeprod='kubectl config use-context gke_typegenie_europe-west1-d_production'
alias kubestag='kubectl config use-context gke_typegenie_europe-west1-b_staging'
eval $(kubectl completion zsh)
alias kubectx="kubectl config current-context"
# Shells into a service on the current kubernetes cluster
function kubesh {
local service=${1:?"Service name must be arg1"}
View fzf-utils
#!/usr/bin/env zsh
# fd - cd to selected directory
fd() {
local dir
dir=$(find ${1:-.} -path '*/\.*' -prune \
-o -type d -print 2> /dev/null | fzf +m) &&
cd "$dir"
omkar0001 /
Created Oct 13, 2018
Removes the docker images manually.
set -e
if [ -z "$dir" ]; then
echo 'This script is for destroying old /var/lib/docker directories more safely than'
echo ' "rm -rf", which can cause data loss or other serious issues.'
View create-test-environment
Will create a config file for project. Name of the file would be
This file will contain all the config settings, related to the project. One of the main config settings, we will be storing
is, the elasticsearch indexes we are using. The value of the variable, depends on the environmental variable
if getenv('TRUEAI_ENVIRONMENT', 'devel') == 'test':
View trueai
TrueAI Ltd is a London based Artificial Intelligence startup that automates customer support using Machine
Learning/Deep Learning. The company just closed its funding round and now looking to hire smart and strongly
motivated technical employees who are excited by the start-up environment and want to build the company together
with the founders. As a Front-end software engineer at True AI, you will specialize in building single-page web applications and chrome extensions, and responsible for the client facing side of the products.
More info:
* [Web page][1]
* [Pitch to Investors][2]
### Required Skills
View facebook-hook
server {
listen 443;
ssl on;
ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/;
ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/;
access_log off;
View acme-challenge
location '/.well-known/acme-challenge' {
allow all;
default_type "text/plain";
root /usr/share/nginx/letsencrypt;
try_files $uri /$1;
View webhook.conf
# the domain we want to get the cert for;
# technically it's possible to have multiple of this lines, but it only worked
# with one domain for me, another one only got one cert, so I would recommend
# separate config files per domain.
domains =
# increase key size
rsa-key-size = 2048 # Or 4096
# the current closed beta (as of 2015-Nov-07) is using this server