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iTC Downloader
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# iTC Sales Report Downloader
# When you run this for the first time, you'll need to enter your
# iTunes Connect login and vendor ID. You can find the vendor ID
# on the iTunes Connect website by navigating to "Sales and Trends";
# it's the number next to your name (top-left).
RESET_LOGIN = False # Set to True to remove login from keychain
import keychain
import requests
import gzip
import os
import tempfile
import datetime
import time
import json
import csv
from StringIO import StringIO
from collections import defaultdict
import console
import prettytable
except ImportError:
print 'Downloading required prettytable module...'
import urllib
urllib.urlretrieve('', '')
import prettytable
class ITCDownloadError (Exception): pass
def load_report(user, pw, vendor_id, date_str, data_dir):
# Check if the report has already been downloaded, and return cached data if possible:
report_path = os.path.join(data_dir, date_str + '.txt')
with open(report_path, 'r') as f:
s =
return s
except IOError:
# Get the report from iTunes Connect:
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}
payload = {'USERNAME': user, 'PASSWORD': pw, 'VNDNUMBER': vendor_id, 'TYPEOFREPORT': 'Sales', 'DATETYPE': 'Daily', 'REPORTTYPE': 'Summary', 'REPORTDATE': date_str}
url = ''
r =, data=payload, headers=headers)
filename = r.headers.get('filename', None)
if filename:
# Decompress the .gz file:
h, temp_path = tempfile.mkstemp()
with open(temp_path, 'wb') as f:
f =, 'rb')
file_content =
# Cache the report:
with open(report_path, 'w') as f:
return file_content
elif r.headers.get('errormsg'):
# Note: When queried too often, iTC will return error messages
# that don't really make sense. It usually helps to wait a little.
raise ITCDownloadError(r.headers.get('errormsg'))
raise ITCDownloadError('Unknown download error')
return None
def load_exchange_rates(cache_file):
with open(cache_file, 'r') as f:
data = json.load(f)
last_update = data['last_update']
if time.time() - last_update < 12 * 60 * 60:
return data['rates']
except (IOError, ValueError):
print 'Updating exchange rates...'
rates = {}
currencies = ['USD', 'AED', 'AUD', 'BHD', 'BND', 'BRL', 'CAD', 'CHF', 'CLP', 'CNY', 'CZK', 'DKK', 'GBP', 'HUF', 'HKD', 'IDR', 'ILS', 'INR', 'ISK', 'JPY', 'KRW', 'KWD', 'KZT', 'LKR', 'MUR', 'MXN', 'MYR', 'NOK', 'NPR', 'NZD', 'OMR', 'PKR', 'QAR', 'RUB', 'SAR', 'SEK', 'SGD', 'THB', 'TWD', 'ZAR', 'TRY']
url = ''
url += '+'.join([c + 'EUR=X' for c in currencies])
url += '&f=nl1'
csv_string = requests.get(url).text
for line in csv_string.splitlines():
currency = line[1:4]
rate = float(line[13:])
rates[currency] = rate
rates['EUR'] = 1.0
data = {'last_update': time.time(), 'rates': rates}
with open(cache_file, 'w') as f:
json.dump(data, f)
return rates
def convert_currency(value, from_currency, to_currency, rates):
exchange_rate = rates.get(from_currency)
eur = value * exchange_rate
eur_rate = rates.get(to_currency)
return eur / eur_rate
def parse_report(file_content):
s = StringIO(file_content)
csv_reader = csv.DictReader(s, delimiter='\t', quotechar='\\')
return list(csv_reader)
def print_report_summary(title, file_content, rates, user_currency):
if not file_content:
report = parse_report(file_content)
proceeds_by_app = defaultdict(float)
downloads_by_app = defaultdict(int)
updates_by_app = defaultdict(int)
for row in report:
product_type_id = row['Product Type Identifier']
units = int(row['Units'])
app_name = row['Title']
if '7' not in product_type_id:
downloads_by_app[app_name] += units
updates_by_app[app_name] += units
currency = row['Currency of Proceeds']
revenue_per_unit = float(row['Developer Proceeds'])
revenue = revenue_per_unit * units
conv_revenue = convert_currency(revenue, currency, user_currency, rates)
proceeds_by_app[app_name] += conv_revenue
revenue_title = '(' + CURRENCY + ')'
table = prettytable.PrettyTable([title, revenue_title, 'DL', 'UP'])
table.align.update({title: 'l', revenue_title: 'r', 'DL': 'r', 'UP': 'r'})
for app in sorted(proceeds_by_app):
revenue_col = '%.02f' % (proceeds_by_app[app],)
downloads_col = str(downloads_by_app[app])
updates_col = str(updates_by_app[app])
table.add_row([app, revenue_col, downloads_col, updates_col])
total_revenue = '%.02f' % (sum(proceeds_by_app.values()),)
total_downloads = sum(downloads_by_app.values())
total_updates = sum(updates_by_app.values())
table.add_row(['TOTAL', total_revenue, total_downloads, total_updates])
print table
def get_login():
# Get login data from the keychain, if it has been saved already:
login_data_json = keychain.get_password('iTunesConnect', 'Default')
if login_data_json is None:
# Show input dialogs for vendor id and user/password:
vendor_id = console.input_alert('Vendor ID (8xxxxxxx)')
user, password = console.login_alert('iTunes Connect Login')
if user and password and vendor_id:
# Save login data to keychain as json string:
login_data = {'user': user, 'password': password, 'vendor_id': vendor_id}
keychain.set_password('iTunesConnect', 'Default', json.dumps(login_data))
login_data = json.loads(login_data_json)
user = login_data['user']
password = login_data['password']
vendor_id = login_data['vendor_id']
return user, password, vendor_id
def main():
keychain.delete_password('iTunesConnect', 'Default')
user, password, vendor_id = get_login()
# Create the data folder:
data_dir = 'ITCData'
except OSError:
# Load exchange rates (cached for 12 hours):
rates = load_exchange_rates(os.path.join(data_dir, 'ExchangeRates.json'))
# Load sales reports for the last 30 days:
print 'Loading sales reports...\n'
today =
for i in xrange(30, 0, -1):
d = today - datetime.timedelta(i)
date_str = '%04i%02i%02i' % (d.year, d.month,
display_date_str = '%04i-%02i-%02i' % (d.year, d.month,
report = load_report(user, password, vendor_id, date_str, data_dir)
print_report_summary(display_date_str, report, rates, CURRENCY)
except ITCDownloadError, e:
print 'Download failed for', display_date_str, '---', e
del password
if __name__ == '__main__':
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