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Last active January 6, 2024 05:42
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This is a proof-of-concept script for tagging photos with location data on iOS.
* First, it shows all photos that have no location data *and* are editable.
* Then, a grid of photos in temporal proximity is shown. You can pick multiple photos here.
* When you tap Done, the photo you selected first will get tagged with the average location of the photos you picked in the second step.
import photos
import dialogs
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import statistics
# Set this to the maximum time difference between a photo without location data, and one that's used to infer its location.
def main():
assets = photos.get_assets()
if not assets:
dialogs.alert('No Photos', 'You may either have no photos on this device, or you did not grant Pythonista permission to access them.')
candidates = [a for a in assets if a.can_edit_properties and not a.location]
picked_asset = photos.pick_asset(candidates, title='Photos without Location')
if not picked_asset:
matching = []
for a in assets:
if not a.location:
if abs(a.creation_date - picked_asset.creation_date) < timedelta(hours=MAX_HOURS):
if matching:
loc_assets = photos.pick_asset(matching, title='Pick Photo(s) for Location', multi=True)
avg_lat = statistics.mean([a.location['latitude'] for a in loc_assets])
avg_long = statistics.mean([a.location['longitude'] for a in loc_assets])
avg_location = dict(latitude=avg_lat, longitude=avg_long)
picked_asset.location = avg_location
dialogs.alert('No Photos Found', 'There are no photos with location data that have a timestamp within %.1f hours of this photo.' % (MAX_HOURS,), 'OK', hide_cancel_button=True)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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