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Dropbox File
# 1. Go to (log in if necessary)
# 2. Select "Create App"
# 3. Select the following settings:
# * "Dropbox API app"
# * "Files and datastores"
# * "(No) My app needs access to files already on Dropbox"
# * "All file types"
# * (Choose any app name)
# 4. On the newly-created app's summary page, click the "Generate"
# button under "Generated access token"
# 5. Copy the generated token (a long string of gibberish) and
# paste it below (replace YOUR_TOKEN_HERE).
# 6. (optional) Open the "wrench" (actions) menu in Pythonista and add
# this script, so you can run it from everywhere.
# Notes:
# All selected files are downloaded into the root folder of the Pythonista
# script library. If a file with the same name already exists, a numeric
# suffix is appended automatically.
import requests
import urllib
import os
import ui
def list_folder(folder_path='/'):
headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer %s' % (TOKEN,)}
r = requests.get('' % (urllib.quote(folder_path.encode('utf-8')),), headers=headers)
result = r.json()
return result.get('contents', None)
def download_file(path, dest_filename, progress=None):
headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer %s' % (TOKEN,)}
url_path = urllib.quote(path.encode('utf-8'))
url = '' % (url_path,)
r = requests.get(url, stream=True, headers=headers)
dest_path = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser('~/Documents'), dest_filename)
i = 1
while os.path.exists(dest_path):
base, ext = os.path.splitext(dest_filename)
dest_path = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser('~/Documents'), base + '-' + str(i) + ext)
i += 1
size = r.headers.get('Content-Length', 0)
bytes_written = 0
canceled = False
with open(dest_path, 'w') as f:
for chunk in r.iter_content(1024*10):
bytes_written += len(chunk)
if size > 0 and callable(progress):
p = float(bytes_written) / float(size)
should_cancel = progress(p)
if should_cancel:
canceled = True
if canceled:
class DropboxView (ui.View):
def __init__(self, path='/'):
tv = ui.TableView()
tv.frame = self.bounds
tv.flex = 'WH'
ds = ui.ListDataSource([])
ds.action = self.item_selected
tv.data_source = ds
tv.delegate = ds
self.tableview = tv
self.add_subview(self.tableview) = 'Dropbox'
label = ui.Label(frame=self.bounds)
label.flex = 'WH'
label.background_color = (1, 1, 1, 0.95)
label.text = 'Loading...'
label.touch_enabled = True
label.alignment = ui.ALIGN_CENTER
self.path = path
self.status_label = label
self.canceled = False
def will_close(self):
self.canceled = True
def item_selected(self, sender):
item = sender.items[sender.selected_row]
if item.get('is_dir', False):
self.status_label.text = 'Loading Folder...'
self.status_label.hidden = False
self.path = item['path']
elif item.get('up', False):
self.status_label.text = 'Loading Folder...'
self.status_label.hidden = False
self.path = os.path.split(self.path)[0]
path = item.get('path')
def download_file(self, path):
self.status_label.text = 'Downloading %s...' % (path,)
self.status_label.hidden = False
download_file(path, os.path.split(path)[1], self.download_progress)
self.status_label.hidden = True
def download_progress(self, p):
self.status_label.text = '%i %% Downloaded...' % (p*100,)
return self.canceled
def load_folder(self):
infos = list_folder(self.path)
items = []
if self.path != '/':
items.append({'title': '..', 'image': 'ionicons-arrow-up-c-32', 'up': True})
if not infos:
import console
console.alert('Error', 'Could not load folder. Please check if you entered the access token correctly.', 'OK', hide_cancel_button=True)
self.status_label.hidden = True
for info in infos:
path = info.get('path')
name = os.path.split(path)[1]
if name.startswith('.'):
is_dir = info.get('is_dir', False)
item = {'title': name, 'image': 'ionicons-folder-32' if is_dir else 'ionicons-ios7-download-outline-32', 'accessory_type': 'disclosure_indicator' if is_dir else 'none', 'is_dir': is_dir, 'path': info['path']}
def c(o1, o2):
u_cmp = -1 * cmp(o1.get('up', False), o2.get('up', False))
if u_cmp != 0:
return u_cmp
d_cmp = -1 * cmp(o1.get('is_dir', False), o2.get('is_dir', False))
if d_cmp == 0:
return cmp(o1.get('path', '').lower(), o2.get('path', '').lower())
return d_cmp
self.tableview.data_source.items = items
self.status_label.hidden = True = self.path
root_view = DropboxView()
root_view.frame = (0, 0, 500, 500)
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Gerzer commented Jun 21, 2014

Awesome, thanks!

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skulrik commented Nov 11, 2014

Works great, thanks !

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cclauss commented Jun 6, 2015

DropboxView.width and DropboxView.height too small in current beta.

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jjarava commented Sep 19, 2015

Hi, I'm trying to get it to run on iPad Air, iOS v9 and latest beta and the "popup" I get is so tiny there's no way to pick any file. Any way to fix?

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xiushu53 commented Nov 4, 2015

Great!!! Thanks!!!!

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yunweiyuan commented Jun 16, 2016

Brilliant! Now is coming Pythonista 3! Wish there is a python 3 version

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joeld1 commented Jul 11, 2016

Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here and this app. I think this file only works for Pythonista and not Pythonista 3. I added the following lines of code to make it work on Pythonista 3

import urllib.request, urllib.parse, urllib.error

and the following functions that weren't added or converted with 2to3

def cmp(a, b):
    return (a > b) - (a < b)

def cmp_to_key(mycmp):
        class K:
            def __init__(self, obj, *args):
                self.obj = obj
            def __lt__(self, other):
                return mycmp(self.obj, other.obj) < 0
            def __gt__(self, other):
                return mycmp(self.obj, other.obj) > 0
            def __eq__(self, other):
                return mycmp(self.obj, other.obj) == 0
            def __le__(self, other):
                return mycmp(self.obj, other.obj) <= 0
            def __ge__(self, other):
                return mycmp(self.obj, other.obj) >= 0
            def __ne__(self, other):
                return mycmp(self.obj, other.obj) != 0
        return K


making this substitution


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brenankeller commented Oct 22, 2016

I've updated this script for Pythonista 3 and Python 3:

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GreatCaesar commented May 15, 2017

Try if your running Pythonista3 ( See link above ) on your iPhone / iPad. It solved the Pythonista3 external file transfer problem on my iPhone 7. DropBox turned out to be a great middle man for the job. I used iFiles 2 to migrate over to the iPhone 7. From there I had to import it to a Notes file. After that I was able to copy and paste it into a Pythonista3 script file. The script ran flawlessly. It works stellar after you get the DropBox App Token set up properly. Now that I can call within Pythonista3, all I need is DropBox to import Python scripts! Fantastic and Thanks!

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