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omz /
Last active June 23, 2024 14:50
File Transfer script for Pythonista (iOS)
# File Transfer for Pythonista
# ============================
# This script allows you to transfer Python files from
# and to Pythonista via local Wifi.
# It starts a basic HTTP server that you can access
# as a web page from your browser.
# When you upload a file that already exists, it is
# renamed automatically.
# From Pythonista's settings, you can add this script
# to the actions menu of the editor for quick access.
omz /
Created November 10, 2012 12:32
from scene import *
from random import randint, random, choice
from sound import play_effect
from colorsys import hsv_to_rgb
from math import sin
from functools import partial
from copy import copy
class Star (object):
def __init__(self):
omz / File
Created February 22, 2016 03:14
# coding: utf-8
import ui
import os
from objc_util import ObjCInstance, ObjCClass
from operator import attrgetter
import time
import threading
import functools
import ftplib
import re
omz /
Created April 4, 2018 15:45
# Quick workaround for photos module (Pythonista) not downloading photos from iCloud
import photos
from objc_util import ObjCClass, ObjCInstance, ObjCBlock
def download_cloud_asset(asset):
PHImageManager = ObjCClass('PHImageManager')
PHImageRequestOptions = ObjCClass('PHImageRequestOptions')
ph_asset = ObjCInstance(asset)
ph_image_mgr = PHImageManager.defaultManager()
omz / Top
Created November 7, 2012 20:54
Top Apps
# Shows a list of the 10 top paid apps on the App Store.
print 'Loading...'
import feedparser
import console
print 'Fetching Feed...'
feed = feedparser.parse('')
entries = feed['entries']
omz /
Created May 17, 2013 04:17
# Simple URL shortener using
# Save this script as 'ShortURL' in Pythonista and add the
# bookmarklet below to Safari. The result is copied to the clipboard.
# Bookmarklet:
# javascript:window.location.href='pythonista://ShortURL?action=run&argv='+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);
import clipboard
import re
omz / Add Playground
Created June 17, 2016 00:27
Add Playground
#! python3
# Share sheet extension script for adding new pages to Swift Playgrounds (experimental)
# 1. Add this script as a shortcut to the Pythonista extension (either from Pythonista's settings or the share sheet extension itself)
# 2. Tap the "Share" button in the Playground app's library.
# 3. Select the playground that you want to add a page to
# 4. Select "Run Pythonista Script" in the share sheet
# 5. Run this script, to select the chapter and page title.
omz /
Last active January 6, 2024 05:44
# coding: utf-8
'''Creates a zip archive of your Pythonista files and serves them via HTTP in your local network.'''
import sys
if sys.version_info[0] >= 3:
from http.server import SimpleHTTPRequestHandler, HTTPServer
from SimpleHTTPServer import SimpleHTTPRequestHandler
from BaseHTTPServer import HTTPServer
omz / UI Debugging
Last active January 6, 2024 05:44
UI Debugging
# Pythonista script to show the UI Debugging overlay (private API) described in this blog post:
from objc_util import ObjCClass, on_main_thread
UIDebuggingInformationOverlay = ObjCClass('UIDebuggingInformationOverlay')
def toggle_overlay():
omz / Geotag
Last active January 6, 2024 05:42
This is a proof-of-concept script for tagging photos with location data on iOS.
* First, it shows all photos that have no location data *and* are editable.
* Then, a grid of photos in temporal proximity is shown. You can pick multiple photos here.
* When you tap Done, the photo you selected first will get tagged with the average location of the photos you picked in the second step.
import photos