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Last active March 26, 2022 12:50
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Read temperature and humidity data from Inkbird ibs-TH1.

This Gist contains an example code fragment of how to read temperature and humidity data from Inkbird ibs-TH1 bluetooth thermometer in NodeJS with Noble.

Note that you can also read values directly via command line with gatttool:

gatttool -b <MAC> --char-read --handle=0x002d

Example value:

c8 0a a8 16 00 49 88  
  • c8 0a uint16 Little Endian temperature value * 100
  • a8 16 uint16 Little Endian humidity value * 100

To find MAC adress of sensor, you can use hcitool.

sudo hcitool lescan

or bluetoothctl.

const DATA_HND = 0x002d;
const parseData = (data) => {
const rawTemp = data.readInt16LE(0);
const rawHum = data.readInt16LE(2);
return {
temperature: rawTemp / 100,
humidity: rawHum / 100
exports.readData = async (peripheral) => {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
peripheral.readHandle(DATA_HND, function (error, data) {
if (error) {
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wattsie commented Jan 29, 2021

I have an Inkbird TH-1 Plus (with display) and I believe the handle is 0x23
The characteristic name is "Real-time data"
Here's an example reading: 24-09-C7-0F-00-E3-96
First 2 bytes are temp, second humidity - in C and % x100
What are the last 3?

I think the next byte (4th) shows if Internal "00" or external "01" sensor is being measured.

Not sure how to decode last two.
Might be a crc (maybe crc16) not checked.


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dasJ commented Mar 5, 2021

The CRC in use is modbus crc16

2 Bytes Temperature
2 Bytes Humidity
1 Byte  Sensor (0 → Internal, 1 → External)
2 Bytes Modbus CRC16

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excuse me. I also have the Inkbird IBS-TH1 Plus, where can I get the SDK?

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