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Asymmetric difference of two pandas Dataframes
def diff_df(df1, df2, how="left"):
Find Difference of rows for given two dataframes
this function is not symmetric, means
diff(x, y) != diff(y, x)
diff(x, y, how='left') == diff(y, x, how='right')
if (df1.columns != df2.columns).any():
raise ValueError("Two dataframe columns must match")
if df1.equals(df2):
return None
elif how == 'right':
return pd.concat([df2, df1, df1]).drop_duplicates(keep=False)
elif how == 'left':
return pd.concat([df1, df2, df2]).drop_duplicates(keep=False)
raise ValueError('how parameter supports only "left" or "right keywords"')
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