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Diogo Felix onlurking

ship it
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div:not(.CodeMirror-activeline) > .CodeMirror-line {
visibility: hidden;
visibility: visible;
font-weight: 800;
onlurking / mindmap
Created Aug 26, 2021
Obsidian Mindmap Templater - Excalidraw
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const IDX = Object.freeze({"depth":0, "text":1, "parent":2, "size":3, "children": 4, "objectId":5});
//check if an editor is the active view
const editor =;
if(!editor) return;
//initialize the tree with the title of the document as the first element
let tree = [[0,,-1,0,[],0]];
const linecount = editor.lineCount();
onlurking /
Last active Jan 15, 2022
Dell Vostro 5490 Sound and Microphone Fix (Manjaro/Arch Linux)

Vostro 5490 Sound and Microphone Fix (Manjaro/Arch Linux)

Instal sof-firmware as described in Arch Linux Wiki:

sudo pacman -S sof-firmware

Configure PulseAudio to load Alsa modules with the correct device and channel settings, by adding these two lines to /etc/pulse/

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const colors = [
color: 'red',
value: '#f00',
color: 'green',
value: '#0f0',
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Design Systems 101 Syllabus

A 10-week course about design systems from SuperFriendly

Week 1: Introduction to Design Systems


  • Introductions
onlurking / Design Systems 101 Materials &
Created Sep 8, 2020
Design Systems 101 Materials & Supplies
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Design Systems 101 Materials & Supplies

Design Systems 101 Materials & Supplies

The intention for this course’s materials is to be as cost-free and opt-in as possible. You’ll need the ability to design user interfaces and write code, but your choice of hardware and software is up to you.

Required Textbooks

Expressive Design Systems By Yesenia Perez-Cruz


%title: Command Line Productivity %author: @onlurking %date: 2020-07-24

-> # Terminal <-

a.k.a. terminal emulator.

It's a program that opens a window and lets you interact with the shell. There are a bunch of

onlurking /
Created Jul 23, 2020
The Five Orders of Ignorance - Phillip G. Armour

The Five Orders of Ignorance

By Phillip G. Armour
Communications of the ACM, October 2000, Vol. 43 No. 10, Pages 17-20

In my first column (Aug. 2000, p. 19), I argued that software is not a product, but rather a medium for the storage of knowledge. In fact, it is the fifth such medium that has existed since the beginning of time. The other knowledge storage media being, in historical order: DNA, brains, hardware, and books. The reason software has become the storage medium of choice is that knowledge in software has been made active. It has escaped the confinement and volatility of knowledge in brains; it avoids the passivity of knowledge in books; it has the flexibility and speed of change missing from knowledge in DNA or hardware.

If software is not a product, then what is the product of our efforts to produce software? It is the knowledge contained in the software. It's rather easy to produce software. It's much more difficult to produce software that works, because we ha

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# build stage
FROM node:12.16.1-alpine as build-stage
# add `/app/node_modules/.bin` to $PATH
ENV PATH /app/node_modules/.bin:$PATH
COPY package.json package-lock.json* ./
RUN npm install