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+ Hello, I was told I'd get an email from trek but I didn't
+ I have had a problem with my bike since I bought it, and I have brought it to the bike shop around 5 times...
it never gets fixed
+ I sent it to the bike shop where they said they'll try to fix it again. However I have low hopes they can do that.
+ what would I do in such case?...
+ do I get a refund?
- I'm sorry to hear that
- I can see my colleague emailed our team in Finland regarding this yesterday, I believe it is simply a case that they haven't yet had a chance to reply
+ Oh... yes... since I didn't get the email yesterday I left it in the bike shop...
+ I believe the bike was defective, it seemed to have a problem with the freewheel or something. it clicks very loud and gets worse with time.
- okay, without inspecting the bike I couldn't say, I will email the Finnish team again regarding the situation to look into further
+ Yes but I'm just saying that the bike is in the bike shop now...
+ I don't know what they are going to do
+ I'm just saying that with such recurrence it is hurting the brand.
I just would like a bike that works properly, or a refund, because I've been struggling with this for over a month now.
- I understand, and I do apologize, this is something that the team in Finland will be able to advise the store and yourself regarding
+ So would they contact the store directly?...
+ I've lost worktime by having to take and retrieve the bike all the time, I just can't keep coming and going.
- yes I would expect so
+ Ok then.
- I will send an email now to chase up
+ thanks.
+ have a good day.
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