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Trying to figure out bluesky

Environment variables

The dev column is the defaults when running make run-dev-env, the staging column is what make run-pds (presumably prod) defaults to

Name Dev Staging Notes
PUBLIC_URL undefined
HOSTNAME "localhost"
TLS 1 1 is on, any other value, including none, turns off TLS/SSL
JWT_SECRET "jwt_secret" Can't wait for people to deploy without changing this key, you know someone's going to do it.
DID_PLC_URL "http://localhost:2582" No idea what the abbreviations mean.
SERVER_DID None Throws an error if not typeof string
INVITE_REQUIRED false Anything but "true" will be parsed as false
USER_INVITE_INTERVAL null Parsed as an integer that falls back to null, which presumably means invites are never generated. Presumably measured in seconds
DATABASE_LOC None, but required PostgreSQL connection string, maybe?
BLOBSTORE_LOC None Some kind of S3 compatible object store? Or maybe just a local path?
BLOBSTORE_TMP None Temp path for blobs?
AVAILABLE_USER_DOMAINS None Comma-separated list of domains accounts can be created under, e.g., The preceding . must be included.
IMG_URI_SALT '9dd04221f5755bce5f55f47464c27e1e' Why is this hardcoded???
IMG_URI_KEY 'f23ecd142835025f42c3db2cf25dd813956c178392760256211f9d315f8ab4d8' See above.
BLOB_CACHE_LOC None No idea why this is stored separately from the other blob stuff
APP_URL_PASSWORD_RESET 'app://password-reset' Presumably password reset requests get posted to this URL?
EMAIL_SMTP_URL undefined
EMAIL_NO_REPLY_ADDRESS '' No idea why they specifically want a noreply address here.
HIVE_API_KEY undefined What is Hive? The AI company?
LABELER_DID 'did:example:labeler' No clue what a labeler is but this variable identifies them.
const labelerKeywords {} This isn't actually an environment variable but it's in the parsing logic so presumably it will become one in the future.
DB_POSTGRES_URL None PostgreSQL connection string.
DB_POSTGRES_SCHEMA None No idea. I mean the name seems obvious but why it's needed or what format it should be in I have no idea.
MAX_SUBSCRIPTION_BUFFER 500 String parsed as int with fallback.
REPO_BACKFILL_LIMIT_MS DAY parseIntWithFallback like above, but with the assumed const DAY as the fallback. Name makes it seem like this should be in milliseconds. This one is pretty confusing.
APP_VIEW_INFO_PROVIDER undefined, but next to comment // E.g. ws:// WebSocket server, presumably for the client to connect to?
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