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Nate Oostendorp oostendo

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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am oostendo on github.
* I am noostendorp ( on keybase.
* I have a public key ASCgRplakofZfv-3ERk1uNTBsUUFNs4MWx_5joqaJxCfvwo
To claim this, I am signing this object:
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# The PID file is optional, but recommended in the manpage
# "so that systemd can identify the main process of the daemon"
ExecStart=/home/pi/bin/ start
# start/stop service and create pid file for a non-daemon app
# from
# service command
service_cmd="nice -n -19 fluidsynth -is --audio-driver=alsa /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2"
# pid file location
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no-index = true ; comment this line out if you need to bypass the mirror
find-links =
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sudo apt-get install mongodb-org=2.6.7 mongodb-org-server=2.6.7 mongodb-org-shell=2.6.7 mongodb-org-mongos=2.6.7 mongodb-org-tools=2.6.7
oostendo / gist:6758300
Created September 30, 2013 01:30
quick python script for converting massive gmail contacts to iphone-friendly address book requires vobject (sudo easy_install vobject). Note this failed on a few unicode contacts which I had to remove from the VCF file manually.
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import vobject
vcfdata = open("Downloads/00001.vcf").read()
out = open("Downloads/scrubbed.vcf", 'w')
contacts = vobject.readComponents(vcfdata)
done = False
while not done:
contact =
oostendo / gist:6627956
Last active December 23, 2015 11:19
sip forwarding with twilio
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# sip.php
# quick and dirty outbound routing for sip phones with Twilio
# in your twilio sip tab
# set up your sip domain (
# register credentials for the username as the callback number with no spaces or +1 eg "3135551212" and set password
# validate the callback number
# set this script to the voice url
# set your sip client to authenticate with CALLBACKNUMBER/PASSWORD and host
oostendo / gist:5978514
Created July 11, 2013 19:33
Polygon approximation for a contour segement with a given number of sides
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def fixedPoly(contour, polysides = 8):
opencv_contour = contour.reshape(-1, 1, 2)
higherr = 50.0
lowerr = 1.0
tryerr = 25.0
poly = []
#binary search polygon approximations until we get a 4 point polygon
maxiterations = 100
while len(poly) != polysides and maxiterations: