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Python script to generate configuration for a lightGallery photo gallery in Jekyll.

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ow commented Aug 2, 2016

Hey! I was just trying this out, and it works really well, but fails to deduce that two different sized images are the same image, despite a similar filename with a letter appended. When it's renaming, the images get renamed from DSCF2615.jpg to so it feels like the .jp in the middle is something to do with it, but my Python-fu ain't so good. Any ideas? (And thanks for this, BTW)


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opieters commented Jan 9, 2017

@ow Sorry for the late reply. Could you give about 5 filenames of the directory you are using? Then I can try to replicate your problem on my system.


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jeremydouglass commented Aug 26, 2017

You might also want to add a comment that the other dependency is installed with pip install pyyaml -- especially helpful as "import yaml" doesn't match "install pyyaml".

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