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"""Hoverable Behaviour (changing when the mouse is on the widget by O. Poyen.
License: LGPL
__author__ = 'Olivier POYEN'
from import BooleanProperty, ObjectProperty
from kivy.core.window import Window
class HoverBehavior(object):
"""Hover behavior.
Fired when mouse enter the bbox of the widget.
Fired when the mouse exit the widget
hovered = BooleanProperty(False)
border_point= ObjectProperty(None)
'''Contains the last relevant point received by the Hoverable. This can
be used in `on_enter` or `on_leave` in order to know where was dispatched the event.
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
super(HoverBehavior, self).__init__(**kwargs)
def on_mouse_pos(self, *args):
if not self.get_root_window():
return # do proceed if I'm not displayed <=> If have no parent
pos = args[1]
#Next line to_widget allow to compensate for relative layout
inside = self.collide_point(*self.to_widget(*pos))
if self.hovered == inside:
#We have already done what was needed
self.border_point = pos
self.hovered = inside
if inside:
def on_enter(self):
def on_leave(self):
from kivy.factory import Factory
Factory.register('HoverBehavior', HoverBehavior)
if __name__=='__main__':
from kivy.uix.floatlayout import FloatLayout
from kivy.lang import Builder
from kivy.uix.label import Label
from kivy.base import runTouchApp
class HoverLabel(Label, HoverBehavior):
def on_enter(self, *args):
print "You are in, through this point", self.border_point
def on_leave(self, *args):
print "You left through this point", self.border_point
text: "inside" if self.hovered else "outside"
pos: 200,200
size_hint: None, None
size: 100, 30
rgb: 1,0,0
size: self.size
pos: self.pos
fl = FloatLayout()

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TheEman1can commented Jan 25, 2020

I know that this is very late, and not to hate or nag on your code at all, it is well written and works wonderfully, it is not exactly performance friendly. I incorporated it into my code to make a custom super button that has all kinds of features, and when I had too many of the button on screen, the whole kivy app started to lag. I tracked this down to the hover method. I determined that it's because of binding to the Window pos, that if you, say have a panel full of a hundred buttons, will simultaneously be calling on_mouse_pos a hundred times, which was causing a ton of lag, especially when I tried to move the mouse. So instead of binding to the Window on_pos, i created a custom inherited class of each widget type (Widget, Image, ScreenManager, Screen) with a method calling similar to on_touch_down, in that it will bubble down the list of widgets until one returns True. This greatly increased my performance when having many hover widgets on the screen at a time. Just a friendly suggestion for anybody that has similar problems.


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excript commented Feb 4, 2020

Eu sei que é muito tarde, e para não odiar ou incomodar o seu código, ele está bem escrito e funciona maravilhosamente, não é exatamente favorável ao desempenho. Eu o incorporei ao meu código para criar um super botão personalizado com todos os tipos de recursos e, quando eu tinha muitos botões na tela, todo o aplicativo kivy começou a ficar lento. Eu rastreei isso até o método de foco. Eu determinei que é por causa da ligação ao pos da janela, que se você, por exemplo, tiver um painel cheio de cem botões, chamará simultaneamente on_mouse_pos cem vezes, o que estava causando uma tonelada de atraso, especialmente quando tentei mover o rato. Portanto, em vez de vincular a janela on_pos, criei uma classe herdada personalizada de cada tipo de widget (Widget, Imagem, ScreenManager, Screen) com um método chamado similar a on_touch_down, na medida em que reduzirá a lista de widgets até que um retorne True. Isso aumentou muito meu desempenho ao ter muitos widgets flutuantes na tela ao mesmo tempo. Apenas uma sugestão amigável para quem tem problemas semelhantes.

Can you give an example?


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Owner Author

opqopq commented Feb 4, 2020

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